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Nestled in the countryside of Adelaide Metcalfe, shaped by earth, wind, fire and water. The deers run, the heron fish and eagles soar; all elements of nature have come to form the beauty that is and my inspiration. It is here Cauldron Cannabis sprung. An alchemy of the elements; enjoying nature a breathing in the greatness that mother nature has created for us. 

A chance for me to share the gift of cannabis with those new to or experienced with the plant. I’m building a community around the plant and a space to talk, learn and listen to the needs of the people. 

When the opportunity to open a cannabis retail store became available it was a natural fit for me to bring my dreams to a reality. 

I’ve worked in customer service before and know it’s invaluable to understand the needs of my customers, cultivate community all the while having a strong work ethic. I’m an outgoing and creative person and have a desire to create a truly unique experience for anyone who enters the store. 

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