new love story

Create your own new love story with cannabis. It has been demonized for so long and now is the time for change. Come on in and let’s explore together what suits your fancy. 


Verna Nicholas
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My first visit to Cauldron Cannabis what's a good one. I went in to take a look around initially and found the owner to be quite pleasant and reasonably knowledgeable of his product and it's production. I went away having bought a couple packages of gummies infused with THC and CBD and wished I grabbed some more. Perhaps I'll keep that in mind for next time
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Was good to deal with Derrick. That oz of grass was pretty good for the price. Great to see you have a real passion for what you do man. It will be good to be able to check the store out when you can open it properly. Just wanted to say best of luck.
James Loft
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Best pot shop ever ! Quality cannabis with great customer service . Cauldron Cannabis is the best!

Join me to create a truly unique experience as you explore cannabis at the Cauldron.

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